Ricoh Printer Instructions


Installing the Ricoh printer:

Please following these instructions:

The IP address of the printer at CBC is

Here are additional instructions, in the event the installation isn’t straightforward.

Install printer:

1. Download applicable driver (PCL6) from Ricoh:

Move to its own folder
Run by clicking in .exe
Creates a “disk 1″ subfolder

2. Start menu>devices and printers>devices and printers
3. Click “Add a printer”
4. Click “Add a local printer” (even though it’s a network printer… go figure…)
5. Select “Create a new port” and select Standard TCP/IP from dropdown
6. Enter
7. UNCHECK “Query the printer and automaticall…” (you have the correct driver from the download in step 2 above)
8. Click on “Have Disk” and navigate to the folder Disk 1
9. Click on OEMSETUP; okay
10. Highlight RICOH SP420 and hit okay
12. Print a test page (should print; otherwise, cancel and start over)
13. Select FINISH once test page prints

In the event professional assistance is required, here is the printer information and phone number for Ricoh technical support:

Ricoh SP420-DN Serial Number S3888900487
Support: 1-800-742-6438 Ricoh Solution Support Center

Please set your default printing to black and white:

These instructions are for Windows, but similar for a Mac.

1. Start Menu: select “Devices and Printers”. The following window will open. Select the Ricoh printer and double-click on it.


2. Select “Adjust Print Options”

Ricoh Adjust Print Options

3. Select “Black and White” from the Color/Black and White dropdown. Press OK. That’s it, you’re done! Note that if you’d like to print a color document, you can select color as an option as printing; this step just establishes black/white as the default.

Ricoh Select BW

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