Conference Room Calendar Instructions

Scheduling and use of the Conference Room is coordinated through the use of a shared Google Calendar.  Instructions for using the calendar system follow.

ESSENTIAL:  This is a shared calendar. It is essential that you DO NOT DELETE RESERVATIONS (other than your own).  In the event you want to hide the calendar, just click on the calendar name in your list of calendars.  DELETING RESERVATIONS WILL DELETE THEM FROM THE SYSTEM.

Accessing the Calendar:

To access the 390 Conference Room calendar, you’ll need to have an existing Google account and request that the administrator of the calendar add you to the shared calendar.

As soon as the calendar administrator adds you to the calendar, Google will send a confirmation email to your GMail (or other) address. Note: it is highly recommended that an address be used for simplicity. The confirmation email will look like this:




Viewing the Calendar:

Click on the link in the email to access the Google Calendar tied to your Google account. The following is an example of what you can expect to see (click on the image for a larger view):


Calendar Display

Using the Calendar:

1. Please note that the 390 Conference Room calendar will appear in the left sidebar under “other calendars.” Google will arbitrarily assign a color to the calendar entries; you may change the color by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the right of the words “390 Conference Room.”

2. The 390 Conference Room calendar is overlayed onto your personal calendar, as shown in the example. In this example, personal calendar entries are in blue, while the 390 Conference Room entries are in orange/brown.

Reserving the Conference Room:

1. Using your mouse, click on the requested time slot (in the following example, September 2 at 11am). The following dialog box will appear:


2. Type in the “what” to describe your meeting (keep in mind this is public information, shared with other conference room users) and then, VERY IMPORTANT, select “390 Conference Room” in the Calendar drop-down. If you do not select “390 Conference Room” in the drop-down, the appointment will appear only in your personal calendar and NOT on the shared 390 Conference Room calendar.

3. If you need to modify the time block, click on “Edit event” in the dialog window.

Special Notes:

1. Overlapping Reservations: Please ensure that your reservation doesn’t overlap someone else’s! Unfortunately, Google Calendar is unable to prevent overlapping reservations.
2. Recurring Reservations: if you set up a recurring event, please only do so for a maximum of four weeks.
3. Remember to Cancel: Please remember to cancel reservations if you won’t need the time slot so that others may book reservations. Just delete your entry.
4. Do not delete reservations that are not yours. Deletions remove reservations from the system.   In the event you want to hide the calendar (and all the reservations), just click on the calendar name in your list of calendars and the overlay calendar will be hidden from your view.  You can then click on it again to show the calendar when needed.

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